10 Surprise AEW Face of the Revolution Ladder Match 2022 Candidates

This past Friday, AEW would reveal that a free agent is set to debut this coming Wednesday on Dynamite. The mystery debutant has been handed the opportunity to enter the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match, with them set to take on Private Party and the Hardy Family Office’s Isiah Kassidy in a qualifying match.

AEW President Tony Khan would take to Twitter to discuss the signing, potentially leaving hints that we will break down today. Khan would say:

“The Forbidden Door can be opened for anyone from any wrestling promotion in the world, whether or not it’s a company @AEW is on good terms with, even if it’s someone from a company that’s open for business. They’re also welcome to slam the door in the face of their prior company.”

“The big announcement for Wednesday’s Dynamite that we referenced on #AEWRampage (a free agent debut) and the person walking through the Forbidden Door are one and the same. They’re walking in the door, signing a contract, and then slamming the door shut Wednesday on #AEWDynamite!”

So, what could the tweets mean, and who could he be referring to? Well, let’s take a look at 10 wrestlers that could debut this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite.



Mustafa Ali has garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks after telling the world via Twitter that he had requested his release from WWE. He would say he had a message bigger than his pro-wrestling dreams and he couldn’t deliver the message if he stayed. Mustafa hasn’t appeared on WWE television since Crown Jewel 2021 back in October and hasn’t been touring with the company since November.

One would assume that WWE would grant him his release considering the multitudes of wrestlers the company has already released due to “budget cuts”, however, recent reports suggest this is not the case, as WWE refuses to let him go citing that he has ‘value’. (Despite never using him).

#FreeAli has started to gain traction amongst fans and WWE may be forced to give in to his demands, and if that happens, Mustafa could jump ship to AEW. Tony Khan’s tweet about the announcement made it sound that the mystery wrestler was somebody from WWE who has a gripe. Perhaps Mustafa has managed to get out of his contract using other means, although I’ll be honest, it’s a long shot, but he definitely checks all of the boxes.