10 AEW Wrestlers Who Competed At WrestleMania

10. GOLDUST (0-10-1)


The Undertaker may stake claim to the longest WrestleMania winning streak of all-time, but Dustin Rhodes (under the moniker of Goldust), holds possibly the most dismal record on the “Show of Shows.” In 1996, Goldust battled Roddy Piper in a revolutionary match for its time at WrestleMania 12, a match in which Piper won.  The following year, Dustin lost to Triple H and then failed in a Four-Corner’s match to Road Dogg at WrestleMania 15. At Mania 18, Goldust came out on the losing side in his match against Maven in a wild Hardcore Title match that lasted throughout the night. Technically this was a draw, due to the fact that Spike Dudley ended up with the belt to close the match. His next appearances were forgettable eliminations in the pre-show battle royals at Wrestlemania 22 and 26. When the battle royal assumed the Andre The Giant memorial moniker at WrestleMania 30, Goldust took part again, only to be tossed out, something that would happen again and again (at 31 through 34).