10 WWE & AEW Jumps That WILL Happen In The Next 5 Years



Over the next 5 years, we could well see number of jumps between AEW and WWE, and one of the most likely to make the switch is Sami Zayn. After signing with WWE in 2013, Zayn started off strong in NXT, eventually becoming the champion of the brand. Following his call-up to the main roster in 2015, he was never given the push fans felt the underdog deserved.

Zayn has outspoken against WWE’s business practices for some time, and didn’t do himself any favours when he understandably stayed home during the early weeks of the pandemic, which lead to him being stripped of the Intercontinental Championship. Not only that, but he was banned from appearing at shows in Saudi Arabia due to him being of Syrian descent. Although Zayn is currently a featured player on SmackDown’s undercard, it’s likely WWE is merely giving him a slight push in the hope of him staying with the company instead of jumping to the competition. Zayn’s unhappiness with the WWE’s corporate policies along with friendships with several wrestlers in AEW makes it easy to see him becoming All Elite when his contract expires in the Fall of 2021, which could see the return of the popular El Generico character.