10 Wrestling Contracts That EXPIRE After WrestleMania

10. RHINO (JULY 2021)


After being granted his WWE release due to abhorrent creative, the ECW icon Rhino found his way back to Impact Wrestling. Impact, given their limited television time, has certainly been able to give Rhino a purpose, but with his storyline with his friend Heath being sidelined due to the latter’s injuries. He has found a new creative direction with Eric Young’s Violent By Design faction, giving him a chance for Rhino to thrive. When his contract expires in July of this year, AEW might be interested in his services given Tony Khan’s love of ECW, although they are stacked with legends already. WWE is an unlikely home at this time given his recent run with the promotion, leaving Rhino’s best bet in sticking it out with Impact for a few more years before hanging up his boots for good.