What’s Next For The WWE Releases of April 2021?



Former seven-time 24/7 Champion and 2017 Andre the Giant Battle Royal winner Mojo Rawley is the first on the list. He has been with the company since 2012 following the end of his American Football career. The former defensive lineman is the most recent of the releases as of this recording. Although he’s not known for his technical ability, Mojo has the charisma and promo ability to make himself a star. Although his ‘Hype’ gimmick wasn’t my cup of tea, he showed his range during his brief heel run during his mirror promos which showed he can switch up his character should he decide to go down a more serious route, but maybe let’s scrap that facepaint.

In terms of where he could end up if he decides to stick to wrestling, I think AEW might not be much of a fit for him, but he may find himself a home in IMPACT Wrestling, maybe for a feud with former Hype Bro’s tag partner Matt Cardona.