AEW Injury Worse Than First Thought?

Is a major AEW injury worse that we thought?

AEW’s Bryan Danielson has been out of action for over a month now, with him being forced to pull out of a match against Zack Sabre Jr. at the Forbidden Door due to what is believed to be concussion issues sustained during the Anarchy in the Arena match at Double or Nothing.

Whilst he was first expected to miss just one to two weeks of television, he is still yet to received clearance to wrestle.

This week, Dave Meltzer would discuss the matter on Wrestling Observer Radio, noting that he is concerned about the American Dragon’s health due to his history with head injuries. Meltzer would say:

“I’m very concerned with Danielson because when you have the number of concussions he’s had, and he’s been out now for five weeks. You start worrying at five weeks of a concussion this may be a real bad situation. I know in real life and everything like that he’s fine, he can function, he can do everything, but as far as being cleared to wrestle, I don’t know anything. No-one knows. Getting cleared from a concussion can be any time. There’s no time frame, but the fact that it’s been this long is very concerning.”

Bryan would of course retire from wrestling in 2015, before finally getting cleared to wrestle again in 2018 after years of recovery.

Whilst there is concern that history will repeat itself, Danielson himself was insistent that he won’t be stepping away from the ring, this during the announcement that he was out of the Forbidden Door event.

Hopefully his prolonged absence is precaution and isn’t a sign of another long term hiatus.

h/t for the transcription.