AEW To Increase Pay-Per-View Schedule?

Could AEW be set to host more pay-per-views?

Ever since the birth of Dynamite, AEW have stuck to four annual pay-per-views, adding prestige to each show, allowing longer term booking, whilst making them feel more important than typical wrestling events.

However, it looks like we could be set for more AEW’s pay-per-view events going forward, as according to Andrew Zarian on Wrestling Observer Radio, WarnerMedia is keen for AEW to increase their pay-per-view schedule. Zarian would note that whilst AEW are not being forced to do it, Warner would love them to.

It’s not clear how many pay-per-view events Warner want to see a year, although I do think it’s important that they don’t become monthly events, with perhaps 6 a year being the maximum I’d want to see to keep them special.

On top of this, Zarian would note that the upcoming ROH Death Before Dishonor, the second Ring of Honor pay-per-view of the Tony Khan era, will likely see an announcement regarding an ROH television deal.

It’s said that AEW and B/R Live are using Death Before Dishonor as a test to see if there is enough demand to have more ROH shows going forward.