AEW Warned Not To Sign Shane McMahon


Ever since news broke of Shane McMahon’s WWE release, memes have spread across the internet that Shane McMahon will soon become All Elite.

As we noted in an article yesterday, Vince McMahon’s son has been let go from the company in a “semi-quiet way” and there will be no more creative discussions about Shane McMahon in WWE going forward, ending any potential appearances at the Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania event.

Shane had played a significant role behind the scenes at the Royal Rumble show this past weekend, with him acting as lead writer and producer of the Men’s 30-man match. He was described by a Ringside News source as a ‘nightmare’ for talent.

Whilst many fans have joked that Shane McMahon should join AEW as revenge for his release, PWTorch’s Wade Keller has revealed that people within WWE have said someone should warn AEW President Tony Khan against the move. Wade would say the following on

“People in WWE are letting me know that someone should warn Tony Khan what he’s in for if he brings Shane in, because the sense of entitlement, and I don’t know if ego is the right word, that Shane would bring along with him in a company that isn’t WWE would probably be amplified compared to how he was acting on Saturday, which was just basically out of control.”

Whether AEW will show any interest in bringing Shane in to the fold is currently unknown, but it seems many inside WWE are strongly against him to the point they have sent out warning signals to their rival promotion.

h/t for the transcription