Another AEW Contract Expiring

Following the recent expiration of Cody Rhodes’ AEW contract, it has been confirmed that another deal is close to coming to an end.

This week, AEW commentator Jim Ross would appear on the JMart and Ramon Podcast, where he discussed his status with AEW, and how he’s like to end his career there. He would also reveal his contract is up soon, and said:

“My contracts up soon and I’m not looking to go anywhere. But nonetheless, I’m 70, I’ve got to be realistic at some point my crazy a** life cause I haven’t been. If my late wife were here she’d say amen to that because he’s a character. I’m loving what I’m doing, still fun for me guys. As long as you keep that element in your place of work, you’re alright, you’re doing good.”

“I can damn sure call a wrestling match because that’s what I love to do. At my age, I’m a widower, my life is occupied by only a small handful of things. One of them is broadcasting a pro wrestling match, as crazy as that sounds. It’s a great little company to be with, we’re growing exponentially, Tony Khan is a genius.”

Ross would say that he appreciates more after his battle with skin cancer last year, and added:

“Every Wednesday night I get to relive my childhood. I appreciate it a lot more than I did in December, believe it or not.”

Fans were relieved to hear that Ross won his battle with skin cancer in December 2021, after being absent from AEW television for several weeks to go through treatment.

Whether there are plans for him to remain with AEW beyond his current contract is unknown, although JR himself seems keen to stick around.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.