Brock Lesnar Thoughts On Today’s WWE Roster

This week, Brock Lesnar would appear on The Pat McAfee Show ahead of this Saturday’s WWE Elimination Chamber event in Saudi Arabia.

During the interview, Lesnar would discuss a number of topics concerning his career, including differences between his current WWE boss Vince McMahon, and his former UFC boss Dana White. Lesnar would be asked to compare the two and said:

“Honestly, my relationship with Vince is so different than it is with Dana over the years. Vince and I have had a love/hate relationship for the last 20 years, but it’s been good. We got a lot of water under the bridge. I have a lot of respect for both men. I met Vince when I was younger. I look at Vince more as a father figure because I’ve learned a lot of things from him, and I was able to carry those things over and handle business with Dana.”

Lesnar would then discuss his fellow WWE roster members and his feeling on the younger guys. Brock feels that somebody needs to step up, be different, and get over, and he added:

“It’s just kind of weird, the whole evolution, because when I came up, The Undertaker, Steve (Austin), and I can go on and on, but so now I’m the old ba**ard walking down the halls. I’m looking at these young kids, and I don’t know. Somebody needs to step up, get over, and figure out how to put asses in seats and not worry about your next highspot, but figure out how the hell they can be different, like, how can they make money? That’s it. That’s the business.”

“The young generation thinks that if they go out and do a certain move and do it over and over, but that’s not the business. There’s a good guy and a bad guy, pitting people against each other, and storylines. What was fun about me coming back this time was the storyline with Roman Reigns and being with Paul Heyman for 15 years and now Paul is with Roman.”

Lesnar is set to compete for the WWE Championship this Saturday at Elimination Chamber, when he takes on Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, Riddle, AJ Styles, and Champion Bobby Lashley inside the Chamber structure itself.

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