Bullet Club Star Heading To AEW?


A Bullet Club member has claimed that their contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling has come to an end.

Tama Tonga took to Twitter to make the claim, stating that his deal expired at the end of January, before directing his attention to AEW President Tony Khan. Tama would tweet:

“I am a free agent since January 30, 2022 #misinformation.

Hey @TonyKhan wanna burn bridges? I love burning bridges. #F**kAForbidenDoor”

While the #misinformation part has left people wondering if the tweet is tongue-in-cheek, the Tony Khan section does seem to align with some Tony Khan tweets from earlier this week.

In regard to the surprise debut on tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Khan would suggest that the debutant is walking in the door, signing a contract, and then slamming the door forbidden door shut.

Could this mean AEW has signed Tama Tonga from New Japan, with him set to walk through the forbidden door for good?