Impact Wrestling Star Wants MMA Fight


Pro wrestling has a history of cross-overs in the MMA world, and it looks like there could be another jump from the ring to the cage.

Impact World Champion Moose would speak to the Miami Herald this week where he would reveal that he is interested in competing in MMA at some point in the future.

He would speak of a conversation he had with UFC Hall of Famer Frank Trigg, who actually talked him out of the sport. Moose would say:

“Actually, before I started to become a professional wrestler, [I had considered MMA]. I’m good buddies with Frank Trigg and I told him that I think I could fight MMA. He talked me out of it quick because I used to roll around with him and I’m one of those guys where I have the mindset where I wanna do something once and I still have that mindset.”

“I would love to have one or two MMA fights just to say that I did it, you know what I’m saying? And I’m one of those guys like, if I have an MMA fight and I actually win, it makes me even more of a badass in professional wrestling, right? So, it’s one of those things that I do wanna do maybe just one time, hopefully I win, just to help my wrestling career.”

Moose would say that he only plans to fight one or two times if he makes the jump, and added:

“It’s not something I wanna do long-term, just once or twice. Kind of like a CM Punk deal; just do it once, do it twice. If it works out, if I win then — maybe even just do it once and if I win, I would just be like, ‘Hey, I’m a f*cking badass,’ right? And if I lose, then it’s like, ‘Oh, I suck at it. I shouldn’t have did it.’”

Whether Moose ends up in MMA remains to be seen, but he does have an athletic background as an American Footballer, although that won’t win fights on its own.

h/t to Post Wrestling for the transcription.