Jeff Hardy Legal Issues Referenced on AEW Dynamite

Next up, Jeff Hardy was referenced on AEW Dynamite last night.

On the show last night, Christian Cage would head to the ring alongside his muscle Luchasaurus, following their recent betrayal of the absent Jungle Boy.

The duo would then be confronted by Matt Hardy, whose brother Jeff is on-hiatus following an arrest on charges of a third DUI in ten years, as well as driving with a suspended license.

Christian would quickly get personal in response to Matt’s defence of Jungle Boy, calling Hardy deluded in his own unique way. He would say:

“You’re starting to make your brother sound like the sober one.”

Cage would then call out Matt for his ego, calling him a clout chaser, accusing him of doing the same with his brother over recent months. Christian would add:

“Let me tell you why you’re out here, Matt. You’re out here because of your massive ego, that’s why you’re out here, alright? Everybody knows that you’re a clout chaser, Matt Hardy. That’s what you are. You can’t stand when your name isn’t in the headlines for more than two seconds, right?”

“Hey, you’ll use anybody around you. You’ll use your kids, you’ll use your wife, your father in law, your dog Sparky, your Aunt Jinny, your frickin’ boat, hell, a lawnmower! You’ll even turn a blind eye to your brother and his issues just so you can ride his coattail for one last run.”

“And now you’re out here under the guise that you care about Jungle Boy and his family when the fact is Matt, when the fact is you realize that I am the hottest, most influential star in AEW, and you just wanted to be near me. And that Matt, that is embarrassing but here’s the thing, your screw-up loser brother isn’t even the most embarrassing thing to your family, you are.”

The controversial comments follow a series of jabs from Christian to Jungle Boy, taunting the youngster over his now deceased father Luke Perry.

It seems that the new Christian Cage isn’t afraid to cross the line to get heat following his recent heel turn, with him now referring to Jeff Hardy’s latest issues, the first time the situation has been mentioned directly on AEW television.

h/t Inside The Ropes for the transcription.