Jeff Hardy Receives Drug Test Results


This week, AEW wrestler Matt Hardy would stream on his Twitch account, and he revealed some interesting information regarding his brother Jeff Hardy.

Jeff was released from WWE in December 2021, with rumors circulating that he had once again relapsed into addiction, with reports even suggesting that WWE had pushed for him to enter rehab, something he rejected.

According to Matt, Jeff took a drug test prior to his release and revealed he has been clean throughout his time in WWE. Matt would say:

“Whenever my brother ended up being released, he had taken a drug test. And usually, these drug tests come back in 10 to 14 days. You’ll get the sheet that says ‘you are compliant and you were negative on everything.’ Those 10 to 14 days had been up for him, and he never got a result, and he was very curious of where his result was because he knew he had passed his drug test because he hadn’t been doing drugs.”

“He’s been clean, he’s been clean the whole while he has been there. I know there was an issue, they said ‘Jeff Hardy had this erratic behavior. He jumped over the guardrail or whatever.’ But look, it’s Jeff Hardy. He’s a weird dude, it’s kind of what he does. The erratic behavior is why they gave him the drug test and they sent him home.”

Matt confirmed that Jeff eventually received his test results, although he had to get help from a lawyer to do so, and said:

“Three weeks later, he hasn’t gotten his drug test back. And especially because that little bit of information, that it was either ‘go to rehab or be released’ was leaked, now it’s public information online on the internet, he definitely wanted to see the results of his drug test. Three weeks out he asked to see it and got it. I felt like there was a little bit of ‘well it’s the drug test company’ and the drug test company said ‘well it’s a WWE thing’ or whatever.”

“And he was kind of fighting and scratching and clawing to get this drug test, and he was kind of getting the runaround. Then he got a call, which has been reported online, from John Laurinaitis and they had offered to induct him into the Hall of Fame. They said they wanted to do this. I know people have seen this online and that’s not made up, that’s a real thing that happened.”

“And he just asked for his drug test at the very end of the conversation, he said ‘no I want the drug test. I want the clean result’, kind of to clear his name, as he should, especially given his history. So after my brother’s wife dealt with WWE and the drug testing company quite a bit, they actually spoke with a lawyer and kind of had them help them out a little bit. Everything was a negative, he passed on all levels.”

This is great news for fans of Jeff who had initially been worried about his health, but it’s now clear that he is doing well.

Matt and Jeff are set to reunite for Big Time Wrestling on March 12th, 3 days after his 90-day non-compete clause ends, with many expecting Jeff to ultimately join Matt in All Elite Wrestling for one last Hardy Boyz run in a major wrestling promotion.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.