Keith Lee To AEW a ‘Done Deal’?


On February 2nd, the non-compete clause of several released WWE Superstars would expire, including former NXT Champion Keith Lee.

Since his contract was cut in November, many have felt that Lee will eventually find a home in AEW when he becomes available, and it looks like we are one step closer to seeing it happen.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio this week, Dave Meltzer would provide an update regarding the situation, stating that the move is likely a done deal. He would say:

“I know they’ve been talking to Keith Lee, I know that they were pretty close with Keith Lee if it’s not already a done deal. It probably is a done deal. I don’t know that ‘officially’, but that’s kind of been the word going around.”

This news follows a recent report in the Observer Newsletter where Meltzer would reveal that the possibility of signing Lee has been talked about within AEW, noting that he may have already signed a deal. He has now doubled down on the story.

Lee and Mia Yim would get married this past weekend, and perhaps his now-wife could join him on the AEW roster in the near future.

h/t to WrestleTalk for the transcription.