Kenny Omega Talks Jim Cornette ‘Hatred’

Kenny Omega has addressed ‘hatred’ from Jim Cornette.

Former wrestling promotor and manager Jim Cornette is today known for his weekly podcasts, where he is often critical of modern day wrestling.

One of the stars that gets the brunt on his criticism is Kenny Omega, who he nicknames “Twinkletoes”, with the hatred seemingly fuelled by not just different tastes, but personal animosity from years gone by.

Well, in a recent appearance on a CEOGaming steam on Twitch, Omega would be asked about Cornette and his followers, where he would talk about the hate he receives, feeling that the podcaster has backed himself into a corner. He would say:

“I think Jim Cornette has backed himself up into a corner where, now, he’s found this group of extremely pathetic human beings who have no other thing to aspire to become, or no one to base their life off of, no one to listen to, no one to adhere to their commands. And so, when it became a character that he could play as though he was still traveling up and down the strip in the indies, like back in the old days, now he’s got this group of people hanging off his every word.”

“And all he has to do is sit and talk on a podcast with some other guy. When he realized he could make money by delivering hateful speech, he backed himself into a corner, and now, if he wants to make rent, if he wants to buy his fancy McDonald’s double cheeseburger meal, he has to talk about the things that are going to get attention and a lot of the time, that’s going to be yours truly.”

Kenny would then reveal if Cornette’s negative comments have any effect on backstage life in AEW, with him feeling that anti-AEW sentiment can seep into the locker room. He would add:

“That seeps into our locker room too. Yeah, it does. Everyone is so afraid of the f***ing cult of Cornette army and people that have like, you know, anti-AEW sites that they want to do whatever the f**k they can to stay safe.”

Despite often heavy criticism of AEW from Jim Cornette, there are aspects of the show he enjoys, particularly segments, and matches that involve the likes of CM Punk, MJF, Bryan Danielson and FTR.

He has recently formed a bond with The Acclaimed’s Max Caster, who’s raps he has started recite as a segment on the podcast. Caster would also release a Cornette version of his entrance song to YouTube and Spotify this week.

h/t Wrestling Inc for the transcription.