Real Reason Behind Shane McMahon’s WWE Release


We now have an update on shocking WWE release of Shane McMahon.

As we noted in an article yesterday, Vince McMahon’s son has been let go from the company in a “semi-quiet way” and there will be no more creative discussions about Shane McMahon in WWE going forward.

This followed news that Shane had been scheduled to wrestle at the upcoming Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania events, appearances that will no longer go ahead.

Shane had played a significant role behind the scenes at the Royal Rumble show this past weekend, with him acting as lead writer and producer of the Men’s 30-man match. He was described by a Ringside News source as a ‘nightmare’ for talent.

Shane is said to have openly buried fellow producer Jamie Noble, whilst trying to “book the Rumble around himself.”

In an update from Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast, even more, information is available regarding Shane’s release, with the departure seemingly linked with rapper Bad Bunny, who was also in the Rumble match. Zarian said:

“Few notes from source regarding Shane and the Rumble. There were numerous changes to what number Bad Bunny would be. This was a cause for concern and people within WWE were upset. WWE doesn’t want to come off negatively with such a major outside star.”

In the match, Bad Bunny would enter in at number 27, before Shane McMahon entered at number 28, before they were both eliminated by eventual winner Brock Lesnar.

Another wrestling insider WrestleVotes notes that the Shane McMahon story goes beyond the Rumble event, and they tweeted:

“This Shane McMahon story could ripple effects for years to come. It goes beyond anything that may or may not have happened Saturday night.”

Whilst it remains to be seen what the ripple effects of the release will be in WWE, it does seem even more unlikely that Shane will be taking the reigns from Vince McMahon once his time as Chairman comes to an end.