Shane McMahon Still Working For WWE?

Earlier this month, reports emerged that Shane McMahon had been let go from WWE shortly after his return in the Men’s Royal Rumble match, citing a poor attitude towards talent and colleagues. Any upcoming wrestling appearances at the Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania were then scrapped.

Shane was said to have played a significant role behind the scenes for the Men’s 30-man match and was described by a Ringside News source as a ‘nightmare’ to deal with.

This past Tuesday, a tweet would emerge that suggests Shane is in fact still working for WWE in a backstage capacity, after being spotted with Marco Masotti, the owner of the South Africa Sharks rugby team.

Marco would post a photo of himself, Shane and co-owner of NHL franchise Florida Panthers Doug Cifu, along with the caption:

“So grateful for a night out with brothers Shane McMahon (son of WWE Vince) and Doug Cifu (co-owner of Florida Panthers). Excited for a partnership between WWE and Rugby.”

This tweet seems to reveal that Shane McMahon is playing a key role in an upcoming WWE deal with the Sharks Rugby Team, likely to further expand the brand in the South African market.

Whilst it seems Shane’s days as an active competitor are over, at least for now, he appears to still have a role behind the scenes.