Update on Kevin Owens AEW Offer

Last year, the WWE contract of Kevin Owens was set to come to an end, which led to speculation that he was AEW bound. Ultimately, Owens decided to sign a new contract with WWE, deciding to stay with the company for the foreseeable future.

This week, Dave Meltzer would discuss the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio and revealed that AEW chose not to offer Owens a deal, it was clear that he should take WWE’s offer.

Meltzer would note that Tony Khan is very aware of his talent budget, which is something he is keeping an eye on, this despite the numerous signings in recent times. Meltzer noted that AEW were in the position to make an offer to Owens, but chose against it.

Owens’ deal is said to be in the $2-3 million per year range, extending his contract for another three years.