What’s Next For The WWE Releases of November 2021?




In this first entry we’re going to briefly look at some of the lesser established names in one go.

Jessi Kamea, Oney Lorcan, B-Fab, Jeet Rama, Katrina Cortez and Trey Baxter are all names mostly associated with the NXT brand, although WWE have struggled to establish prominent roles for them in the company for a significant amount of time.

Some of these names have independent wrestling experience of which they will have no issue returning to. And for those that are homegrown WWE talents, they will also likely take on independent bookings to gain more experience should they continue to pursue a career in wrestling.

I can see Trey Baxter potentially joining the Impact Wrestling X-Division or returning to the booming GCW, whilst Oney Lorcan seems like a natural fit for the rebooted National Wrestling Alliance. The standout of the group for me is B-Fab of Hit Row, who with more experience could be a real star, potentially gaining in-ring time on AEW Dark.