WWE Stars Speculate About AEW Talent Budget

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there has been speculation in the WWE locker room regarding AEW and their rumored talent budget.

The belief among the wrestlers is that AEW aren’t willing to match WWE’s high-end offers until they secure an increased TV deal, with the next round of negotiations set for 2024.

It was noted that there were two big names whose deals were recently set to expire that AEW weren’t willing to make an offer for. As mentioned yesterday, one of those was Kevin Owens.

Whilst you’d assume the other was Sami Zayn, who recently renewed his WWE deal, it was confirmed that this isn’t the case.

The unnamed talent is said to have an expiring contract that wasn’t known to the public, who was interested to see what AEW had to offer, but no interest was shown.

The talent is said to be an active superstar who appears regularly on WWE programming.

Whilst AEW are not legally allowed to negotiate with anyone under WWE contracts, word must have got around that there was no interest in meeting WWE’s offer.